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About Us

Our founder began racing 1/10th scale 2wd at a California track in Costa Mesa back in 1988. Over the years his experience widened to 1/8th scale cars and trucks with both on-road and offroad.  Electric and Nitro, Danny Sanchez has raced it. 

Silver Horse RC is a spin-off of the Silver Horse Garage, our founder's collection of vintage and rare BMWs. His long career as an entrepreneur, instructor, and shop owner in the automotive aftermarket has always been the inspiration for racing RC cars.

Mini-Z is the future of RC racing, and our founder is excited to help other racers enjoy this hobby and find ways to improve the racing experience. 

Our founder's home Mini-Z track is RC Hobby in Fuquay Varina NC.  

  • RC Racing is in our DNA

    We've raced everything from 1/8th scale to 1/27 scale and everything in between. Mini-Z is our passion and we see a huge future in the sport. Our products help everyday racers be more competitive on the track on race day. 

We don't sell anything we haven't tested, and we don't recommend anything that doesn't win races
(or at least looks pretty good).
Performance on race day is what you want and Silver Horse RC delivers.

Orders filled and shipped from North Carolina unless specified.

  • Silver Horse RC Sponsorships

    RC Hobby, Fuquay Varina NC
    Fuquay 500 Race
    Carolina Mini-Z Cup
    PDX Mini-Z Racing Club

    RC Underground Arena - Race of Champions